Friday, July 2, 2010

29 Weeks and A New Hobby

I had my 29 week doctor's appointment this week, and everything is healthy and right on track! I have only gained 4 pounds in the last 7 weeks, so I was pretty happy about that even though it looks like a lot more than that. I still can't believe what a miracle this baby is. Feeling it kick and move around (which it's doing all the time) is just so amazing. Last night it kicked so hard that it shook the whole bed. When people say "I can't believe you're not finding out. That's crazy!" I just want to explain that when you try for a baby so long that it's not really about clothes or decorating the nursery anymore. I'm just thrilled to have a precious baby. Anyway, that's how I feel about that.

A couple questions for all my mom friends out there.
1. If I buy a jogging stroller should I also have a regular stroller? I was thinking about getting the City Mini and the FIT by Baby Jogger, but then I was wondering... can't I just take the jogging stroller everywhere? Or is it too difficult to take everywhere and would I wish I had a regular one also?
2. Anyone out there use cloth diapers? I know that sounds crazy, but they have really come a long way. They don't seem too difficult, and of course they are cheaper and better for the environment. Plus, it just seems healthier for the baby. I don't know... I have a feeling it may be one of those things I get all excited about and two weeks later I give up.

I started smocking lessons this week! I have never sewn anything at all and I have no artistic ability, so this is a big adventure for me. It's pretty fun so far, but all we've done is practice. I have a feeling that once I start on a real project it's going to get a bit stressful. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have a finished project to show off!

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The Prescott's said...

First of all, you look FABULOUS!!! So glad things are going so smoothly for you! About the strollers...I don't have a jogging stroller yet, but I think I have heard that you can't use them until the baby can hold his/her head up - about 3 months. So you may want to look into that. Of course, you may be able to find a jogging stroller with a carrier attachment so it won't matter. Just do some research on the weight the baby needs to be and support it offers the baby - as well as storage options. If you're out shopping, you'll need somewhere for all of your bags while you're pushing the stroller!