Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Very Exciting News

Well, we can't keep it a secret any longer. We're going to have a baby in September! We are just beyond excited! There have been a few scary moments and I'm still taking nightly shots to keep my progesterone up. I have been feeling great, though. I've had no sickness, but instead I'm hungry ALL the time! The ultrasound pictures have been so fun to see. Each week, I can see a lot of growth. Yesterday, we saw arms and legs moving all around (even toes)! I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories over the next several months. September seems so far away, but maybe it will be here in no time. I feel like there is a noticeable pooch forming already, but I'm trying to wait until spring to do some shopping. However, spring seems like it's not coming anytime soon. If anyone has any used baby things they'd like to donate I'm willing to take anything! I can't wait until I have some baby pictures to post! Oh, and yes, Bentley is going to be the BEST big brother EVER! I'll keep everyone updated.