Monday, June 28, 2010

A Shower and Icings

What a fun weekend! It all started Thursday night when I went to a neighborhood Bunco get together. It was great meeting a bunch of the girls in the neighborhood without them having to chase their kids around. We stayed up chatting until about 11:30. Mark and Bentley hung out outside with one of our neighbors and their dogs while I was at Bunco. So all three of us were tired!

Saturday morning I went to my friend, Jenny's, baby shower. It was at our friend's, Ginger's, parents house in Mountain Brook, and it was gorgeous! We had some excellent food and it was just fun visiting with everyone. We're looking forward to meeting Jenny's little girl, Maggie, in about a month or so. I hope our children grow up being good friends!

Saturday afternoon we went to our friends, Jason and Rebecca's, house for a cookout. The weather cooperated and it was so fun seeing everyone. We had some great food, and Mark and his friends enjoyed "icing" each other. Watch the video below of Gabe getting "iced" and Alex saying, "Woahhhh Gaaaabe" in her hilarious NYC/Miami/Las Vegas/Oxford, MS accent.

I have my 29 week appointment tomorrow, and I actually have a couple questions this time. Usually I don't know what to ask and the appointment lasts about 5 minutes. I have been having horrible middle of the night leg cramps and they are getting more frequent, so I think I'll see if there's anything I can do about that. Other than that, things have been going great! I actually really love being pregnant, and I think I'm actually going to miss it. I know, some of you think I'm crazy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Catching Up

This summer has gotten off to a busy start. Now that it's all settling down, I'm hoping to post a little more often. My last week of school was just crazy. Mark took his final section of the CPA exam on Monday. My last day was Wednesday. We were closing on our house and moving on Thursday and then closing on our new home Friday. That was the plan at least. Everything was going great, and then we were told our closing on our new would be moved to the following Friday. Only one problem... we were left homeless for a week. Thankfully, the owners let us move everything off the truck and into the house, but we couldn't actually live there. So, we packed Bentley up and headed to the lake house. I must say it was a wonderfully relaxing and quiet week at the lake that was much needed. Bentley and I enjoyed a lot of walks and swimming together. Unfortunately, my camera was packed up somewhere at the time so I have no pictures of that week.

Anyway, things have settled down now and we're enjoying life in Ross Bridge. I have been walking a lot and lounging in the pool. We have made several new purchases including a king bed, dining room table, sofa, and furniture for our favorite place in the house- the front porch! Needless to say, baby's room has been a little neglected. I did put together a bouncy seat from my shower at school and Mark put the crib together. It took a total of about ten minutes, but I guess that's a start. Yes, I know the room is pink and there is a 50% chance that it's not a girl. It was pink when we moved in, and we're waiting on the bedding before we decide what color the room should be. I'm sure we'll paint over the pink and then have a girl! I am 28 weeks now, and I'm really wishing my shower were sooner because I have plenty of free time and I'm wanting to get things organized and ready. I'm trying not to shop too much until after my shower, but it's hard to wait! More exciting news... I think we have names picked out. We're withholding that information too and making everything a surprise in September!

Bentley was a big help!

All this assembling really wore Bentley out!

Final product... ready for Baby!

My mom painted these many years ago, and I can't wait to see them in the nursery!