Thursday, September 15, 2011


Marin thinks walking is so funny! She is trying to walk everywhere these days!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

11 Months

Happy girl on her way to the pool!
Daddy dressed her in some crazy outfit complete with bows!
She loves making a mess and playing with her zoo
Playing with Bentley is one of her favorite things to do.
He's beginning to like her more and more since she gives him all kinds of things
especially things we take away from him.
Guilty... she got into Daddy's cereal.
Talking to Bentley through the door

I decided I need to do an 11 month post before this little girl turns one! I can't believe September is here. A year ago today was actually my due date. It's fun to think back to what we were thinking a year ago. We were just so ready to meet this little one and filled with anticipation. It's hard to imagine we didn't even know we were having a little girl. Every night I would go to bed thinking this is definitely the night something is going to happen, and then the next morning... nothing! So, here's a quick update on Marin at 11 months.
  • 7 teeth
  • She took her first steps on August 30th at Aunt Megean's house. Since then she takes a couple steps here and there, but she definitely still prefers to crawl. She's good at standing, though.
  • She's a good eater (imagine that)! Fruit is definitely her favorite... especially blueberries. She enjoys pretty much everything except broccoli. She still loves baby food purees especial ones with carrots or butternut squash. This girl has gotten her fair share of vitamin A!
  • She can say bye, ball, and bow. They are all very close, but we can tell the difference. She says bye to Daddy every morning before work, and she loves to take her bow out and hand it to you and say BOW!
  • Marin loves to be outside. She cries whenever it's time to go in. She's a great little swimmer and kicks her legs like she knows how to swim.
  • She loves other kids and animals. I think she would be a great little sister because she loves having big kids around and activity.
  • Her favorite thing to do inside is play on our bed. She loves to be tickled and drug across it. She starts giggling so hard she can't breathe!

Sweet Grandpa

My Dad is so in love with his first granddaughter! We went up to Knoxville and spent the weekend with him. We had a nice time just visiting and watching football. My dad has not been doing well, so it was nice to bring Marin and lift his spirits. Rin had fun exploring his house, and it always feels good to me to be home. We're looking forward to our next visit already!