Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Carter Pictures

I had my 18 week appointment today. I love my doctor, but the appointments and waiting take forever. We got some great pictures and a DVD of the whole ultrasound. It was so fun watching he/she move all around in there. He/she kept pulling his/her feet up by its head. We stayed strong and didn't find out what it is. I'm glad we didn't because I think it will be really special to wait. I feel relieved now knowing that everything looked normal. The spine, heart, and face formations were all normal. The baby is actually measuring a week bigger than 18 weeks, but they aren't changing my due date just yet.

Other fun news... Robb and Megean (Mark's brother and his wife) have officially moved to Birmingham! They are having a little girl in May, and we're so excited to watch our babies grow up together! We're going over to their house to have dinner and show our ultrasound DVD. We'll get their votes on what they think the baby is!

I have been feeling great the past few weeks! I can even feel the baby moving now, which is such a great feeling! I am so grateful and happy to be pregnant. I can't wait to hold this sweet baby! Here are a couple pics from today.