Monday, June 28, 2010

A Shower and Icings

What a fun weekend! It all started Thursday night when I went to a neighborhood Bunco get together. It was great meeting a bunch of the girls in the neighborhood without them having to chase their kids around. We stayed up chatting until about 11:30. Mark and Bentley hung out outside with one of our neighbors and their dogs while I was at Bunco. So all three of us were tired!

Saturday morning I went to my friend, Jenny's, baby shower. It was at our friend's, Ginger's, parents house in Mountain Brook, and it was gorgeous! We had some excellent food and it was just fun visiting with everyone. We're looking forward to meeting Jenny's little girl, Maggie, in about a month or so. I hope our children grow up being good friends!

Saturday afternoon we went to our friends, Jason and Rebecca's, house for a cookout. The weather cooperated and it was so fun seeing everyone. We had some great food, and Mark and his friends enjoyed "icing" each other. Watch the video below of Gabe getting "iced" and Alex saying, "Woahhhh Gaaaabe" in her hilarious NYC/Miami/Las Vegas/Oxford, MS accent.

I have my 29 week appointment tomorrow, and I actually have a couple questions this time. Usually I don't know what to ask and the appointment lasts about 5 minutes. I have been having horrible middle of the night leg cramps and they are getting more frequent, so I think I'll see if there's anything I can do about that. Other than that, things have been going great! I actually really love being pregnant, and I think I'm actually going to miss it. I know, some of you think I'm crazy!

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Carrie said...

Getting close! I am so excited for you! I had leg cramps with Noah really bad. People suggested to me eating bananas and milk. I found that to be helpful. Try it and see if it works for you!