Sunday, May 13, 2012

Watermelon Fun!

After being out of town for two weeks, we were all glad to be home!  Did I mention that as part of that vacation we went to Nashville and Mark and I both ran a half marathon?  We were proud of our times considering it was a hilly course!  Mark finished at 2 hours and 48 seconds and I came in at 2 hours 1 minute and 1 second.  So once we got home, we celebrated with a fun night outside with some yummy watermelon.  It has always been a favorite treat of Bentley's, so it was fun to include him!

Watercolor Vacation

After Mark finished up work on Friday, we headed over to Watercolor, where we had rented a house for a week with some good friends of ours, Jenny, Rob, and Maggie.  Maggie is just two months older than Marin so she was the perfect playmate.  They had a lot of fun together!  The house was great!  It was nice to be able to cook in a couple nights and have enough room for the girls to run around.  Mark enjoyed the bikes (Marin loved watching him and said eeeyow as he passed by).  Of course we got in plenty of beach and pool time.  Before we went, I had visions of having to chase Marin all over the beach.  I was pleasantly surprised when she was completely happy playing in the sand right next to us.  She actually really enjoyed sitting in the chairs too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mommy and Marin at The Grand

Mark had to work in Biloxi for a few days so Marin and I tagged along and stayed at The Grand in Fairhope while he went to work.  It's such a great place to stay because there's so much to do.  We fed ducks, played golf, swam, watched some fishing, had afternoon tea and she loved watching the drummer everyday.  We didn't get many pictures, but here are some of us swimming.  She loved how the pool was zero entry, so she just kept on walking until the water was over her head and I'd pull her up and she would laugh and laugh!

Marin and I had a great vacation, but unfortunately for Mark it was filled with work and hardships.  The night we got there we found out his sweet 98 year old grandmother passed away.  Then he got a flat tire on his way to work in Mississippi the next morning and on top of it Marin was not the best sleeper in her pack n play.  Luckily for him we had more vacation coming up!