Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Getaway

A few Thursdays ago, Mark and I decided that we couldn't let an entire summer go by without a trip to the beach. So on Friday we packed Bentley up and headed down to Fort Morgan. It was fun to be able to include Bentley in the trip. He had a blast!! We basically just hung out on the beach and enjoyed some dinners out. The beach was beautiful. There were a few tarballs, but nothing that stopped us from getting in the water and walking along the beach. Bentley was in and out of the water all day long! Mark and I challenged each other to a couple games of miniature golf! I won only because Mark gave me a handicap. It was so fun just to get away for a little break to the beach. There's something about being at the beach that is good for your soul. I hope we can still find time to spend together after the baby comes. I also hope Baby is a good traveler. We love to be on the go!

Even though we set up an umbrella for B-dog, he wanted to be in the small spot of shade right behind our chairs. He always wants to be right by us.
Life is good!
This is the best, daddy!

Super sandy

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