Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Boy

Bentley turned 6 years old on September 27th!!  We can't believe it has been six years since that adorable little puppy came into our lives.  He has filled the last six years with laughter and fun adventures!  He is the BEST!

His birthday was Sunday, but we had friends come over for the Auburn vs. Ball State game on Saturday.  Bentley's friends Lily and Guinness came over to play while we watched the game.  They had the best time playing together!  Then on his real birthday, Bentley enjoyed a nice refreshing bath, doggie ice cream, and his favorite people food, watermelon!!!  Later that night, he got to unwrap his present, a rawhide bone!  He's pretty easy to please since he loves to unwrap any present.  It's tradition for him to have a birthday picture taken each year, so here are some from this year.
The happy birthday boy!
Fresh and clean
Present time

Daddy and B-dawg are best friends!
I love you, Buddy!
Unwrapping is more than half the fun!
Got it!

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