Friday, October 9, 2009

Burnt Orange

That was the headline in the Knoxville News Sentinel after Auburn beat Tennessee. Away games are so much fun, especially when we win. I was so proud of our team to come out of that stadium at night with a win. So the streak continues to five in a row against Tennessee!

We tailgated with my family, and we even put up with all the UT decorations and cups, and yes even their own special beer. My brother, David took us to see the new basketball practice facility, where Mark was able to show off some serious skills. Yes, that is my dad in the background making fun of him.

Then we went to Tiger Walk. Kiffin tried to tell us we couldn't have Tiger Walk there, so that only inspired our fans. We had Tiger Walk there in 2004, but there were more than double the number of fans there this time. Unfortunately our players didn't actually get to walk and the band wasn't allowed, but it was still fun to support our team!

The game was fun even though we were surrounded by UT fans. We just laughed while they booed their quarterback. My brother was a sore loser and refused to take a good picture of us. We had a great time on our visit and thanks to my family for hosting!! We'll see you in Auburn in four years... for another Tiger victory!

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