Sunday, September 7, 2014

Football Season

Our rental home was in walking distance to campus, so we couldn't have asked for a better location for football season!  We had so much fun walking to games and Toomer's Corner for celebrations.  We definitely chose a great season to move back to Auburn.  We were able to go to every home game in 2013, and it was filled with football memories that we'll never forget.  Mark went to the Texas A&M game, so Marin and I watched it on TV.  As soon as we won, we ran up to Toomer's Corner to celebrate.  The Georgia and Alabama games that season were just unbelievable.  I'll never forget the feeling in that stadium after the win against Alabama.  Marin had fun going to Tiger Walks and doing the March Around the Stadium with the band.  She would march right along the band and try to follow them all the way into the stadium.

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