Friday, December 23, 2011


I think Marin's favorite animal is a cat!  I hate to break it to her but I'm allergic and Mark is not a fan of cats at all.  When there's not much to do I like to take her up to the pet store to look around and when we pull in the parking lot she begins saying "Ow Ow", which is her version of meow.  My mom's cat Jazzy is so good to put up with Marin too.  Unfortunately for Jazzy, Marin learned that the more she pulled her tail or tugged her fur the more noise Jazzy made.  So she was a little rough with her and even tried picking her up.  Marin likes to lay down on her belly and "talk" to Jazzy real close.  Here are some pictures at my sister, Susie's, farm.  This is her cat, Jack, who also put up with a lot from Marin.  She "brushed" him not so gently.  I thought she would be so excited about the horses, but she mostly wanted to play with Jack!

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