Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas at Bass Pro Shop

Christmas time with Marin has been so much fun!  There are so many special things to do with little ones at Christmas that  we would not normally do if we didn't have her.  She has really made this Christmas feel so special.  We have been to several Christmas parades, the neighborhood tree lighting, driving around looking at Christmas lights, story time at the resort, and last weekend we went to Bass Pro Shop to take a picture with Santa.  Well we couldn't even get close to Santa.  The line was forever long, but Marin had so much fun exploring the store.  Thank goodness there were a lot of things to do there other than Santa.

 Marin loves ALL snowmen.  She gets so excited when she sees one somewhere.  
"MOMAN MOMAN" she says!
 This is the closest we got to a Santa!

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