Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tailgating With a Toddler

We had so much fun at the Auburn/Florida game this year, although it was a very different kind of fun from Florida games of the past.  Our good friends, Rob and Jenny, moved to Auburn recently so we had a nice place to stay for the weekend.  Maggie was such a great playmate for Marin and we all enjoyed spending time together.  The boys, of course, spent most of their time on the golf course.  I can't blame them since the weather was perfect.  Friday night we went to a party at the club where we almost won tickets to the game.  I still think that was rigged!  We went to campus and spent the day outside tailgating.  We didn't go into the game, obviously, but it was fun watching it from the tailgate outside the stadium.  An Auburn victory made the night even better.  We finished the weekend with Sunday lunch at Niffer's.

I think she loves Auburn as much as her mom and dad.

Sharing lunch together.... This is her first Amsterdam's Turkey Wrap.  This will be her first of many
since this is one of my requirements with every trip to Auburn.

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