Friday, June 24, 2011

First Father's Day

Words can't describe how lucky little Rinny is to have such a great daddy. He really loves her so much. He even said golf isn't very important to him anymore... wait WHAT??? If you know Mark you know that is TRUE love right there. I wanted to make his first Father's Day extra special. His big present was a new camera, which he is loving! So, bye bye blurry/fuzzy pictures! Hopefully our pictures from now on will be much nicer. We spent Saturday at the lake with Mark's family. It was a nice time visiting with everyone and celebrating Baba's birthday.

Sunday began with me and Marin making a special breakfast for Daddy!

We enjoyed some time at the pool after that. This girl LOVES to swim!

Then we went to the zoo. Marin was just amazed the whole time. I don't think she blinked the entire time. Her favorites were the macaws and the crazy squirrel monkeys that were quite active.

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The Regal Pup said...

Looks like a great weekend! What kind of camera did Mark get?