Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Week

I LOVED my first week as an official stay at home mom. Summer has started and I am taking next year off from teaching, so Rinny and I can play! Marin had a BIG week of learning last week. She learned to crawl!!! She has been trying to for such a long time, and I think watching her cousin Cameron inspired her to take her first few steps. She has also gotten really good at sitting up from laying down. She does it over and over. It's so funny to walk into her room and see her sitting up in her crib looking back at me. She also learned how to clap her hands and wave. We have gone swimming everyday and she loves the pool. She actually kicks her legs and looks like she's trying to swim. Marin's top teeth are starting to come in (the reason for all the drool), which I'm hoping doesn't change her sweet smile too much. When I ask her where the fan is, she looks up at it right away. It's amazing how much she has done in just one week.
Playing in her room and practicing her crawling

Always trying to get the camera
She still loves the walker
We hung this swing on our front porch, and she has so much fun in it.
She is always worn out at the end of the day.

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The Wimberly Family said...

Emerson has some catching up to do!! No crawling yet here!!! She's precious :) We'll have to meet up at McWane next year for sure!!! You'll love staying home with her...such a rewarding job!