Monday, December 6, 2010


I think Marin decided to make sure we had something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! She started feeling sick Thanksgiving evening. She threw up, wasn't eating much, and extremely fussy. I knew something wasn't right. On Friday, she still wasn't eating much so we called our pediatrician. They were closed and told us to take her to Children's Hospital. We left home at halftime of the Iron Bowl. We watched the rest of the Iron Bowl from the ER waiting room. It was actually quite a memorable way to watch it. After a few tests, they decided Marin had a bladder infection and sent us home with antibiotics. On Sunday she still wasn't feeling any better and the pediatrician sent us back to Children's since she still had a high white blood cell count. I had a feeling they were going to put her through some unnecessary tests, but I had no idea what we were getting into. Once we met with a doctor there, she told us a few different things it could be. She mentioned meningitis and a problem with her bowels. Poor Marin had a spinal tap, X-ray, ultrasound and four blown veins from trying to get an IV started. Late that night they finally said it might just be a stomach virus. I can't believe they put her though all that just for the stomach virus. I wish they had mentioned that possibility a bit earlier before she had all those tests. We had to spend the night with her in the hospital and she was already feeling better by the next day. She is back to her old self and feeling great now. I wish we had just waited it out at home a bit longer, but we didn't know what to do. Anyway, I am just so thankful she didn't have anything seriously wrong with her. Her health is something I will never take for granted!

Poor baby
Watching the Iron Bowl from the ER was quite interesting
There was a good mix of AU/UA fans, but this guy decided to stand right in front of us.
We thought it was pretty funny.

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Carrie said...

So sorry she got sick! It is so hard to know what to do in those situations. We took Noah to the ER for what turned out to be a stomach bug too when he was about eleven weeks. They told me at the ER it was gas and I should burp my baby :) I am so glad she is feeling better!!