Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful first Christmas in our new home with Marin. It's amazing how having a baby brings an even greater spirit to Christmas. It began with the Lighting of the Green, our neighborhood Christmas celebration. We had my brother and sister in law and their kids over for dinner. Then we headed to the front of the neighborhood to see Santa! It was fun catching up with some of our neighbors, and Marin did so good sitting on Santa's lap after quite a long wait! There was food, hot chocolate, fireworks, horse and buggy rides, and singing. It was a nice start to the Christmas season for us.

Then we decorated the tree. Actually, Mark did most of the work while Marin and I watched. Marin did hang her own ornament that she made with her handprint. We listened to Christmas music and had a really nice day together. We didn't make our usual adventure to the Christmas tree farm to chop down our own tree. We decided that it was too cold and too difficult with a two month old. Next year, I'm sure we'll go back to the farm though.

Of course, we had to take pictures for Christmas cards. Marin had to pose with her cousins for Mark's parents card. Poor Marin was only two months old and of course could not sit up on her own. She was all scrunched up and oh so mad!!! Needless to say, her screaming and crying was infectious and we actually got a pretty funny card out of it!

Marin's cousins, Cameron and Currin, hosted a Happy Birthday Jesus party. We had a lot of fun visiting and having lunch at their house. Marin must have partied a little too hard and passed out in my arms right in the middle of it!

We hosted a brunch to celebrate Christmas with Mark's family. It was so nice to get everyone together and just enjoy the company. Marin had fun playing with her cousins and grandparents. She loves having people over!

For Christmas we went up to Knoxville to visit my family. My sister, Debbie, hosted a very nice Christmas Eve dinner. Then we went to my sister Susie's house for Christmas day breakfast and mom hosted Christmas dinner at her home. Again, Marin had so fun being with her family. Her cousin, Audrey, especially loved laying on the bed and playing with Marin. She kept saying, "Her likes me!" My Christmas present from Marin was sleeping through the night on Christmas Eve! That was all I really wanted, and somehow she knew it! Unfortunately, it didn't continue as I hoped, but it was still nice. Marin's first Christmas was a white one. We had fun playing in the snow with Bentley. He LOVES snow and chased us up and down the hills during sledding.

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