Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend in Nashville

Even though I had a million things to do at school this weekend, we decided to go to Nashville for my niece, Bridget's, fourth birthday party!  It was definitely worth it!  We got to spend Saturday night relaxing and cooking out with David and Stephanie.  Sunday morning we had a fun breakfast at Pancake Pantry, got to see the new house they are remodeling and then headed out to the lake for the birthday party!  Bridget was able to debut her bathing suit she had been saving for this special occasion.  She had so many fun friends show up, and they had a great time swimming in the pool and going for boat rides.  We really enjoyed spending time with David and Stephanie and my sweet nieces, and we hated to leave.  Here are some pictures from the weekend!
Audrey getting sleepy after a fun day on the lake
Bridget got a Barbie on a bike and then her very OWN bike
Present time
The girls in their beautiful new home
All smiles after dinner and a bath

Unfortunately, our nephew, Currin, shares a birthday weekend with Bridget.  This is also the weekend before school starts, so it's impossible to do everything.  We were sorry we had to miss Currin's birthday, and I can't wait to see pictures from his airplane party!

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