Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daddy's Birthday Weekend

For Mark's birthday we went to Chattanooga for a Bluegrass festival, which featured his favorite bluegrass band.  What better way for him to celebrate his birthday than bluegrass and beer?  We had a lot of fun, but the weather was quite a bit colder than we expected.  We also went to the aquarium, and we took the incline railway up to Lookout Mountain.  We also found this great farmer's market there that we will definitely go back to.

 Glow stick fun!

 A shark!
 Learned a new word... jellyfish!

 She pet the snake!  If you asked her what she did in Chattanooga
she will either say music or "I pet the snake"

 Riding the carousel at Coolidge Park

 Worn out!  She fell asleep right on top of me right in the middle of all the people and music at the festival.

 She didn't think she could move her head in the hood!

Having fun on the incline rail.. not scared at all!

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