Friday, April 13, 2012

The Blue Angels

Marin hates loud noises!  She will even run and hug my leg if we're inside the house and she hears the garbage truck or a lawn mower.  So what do we do?  Take her to an air show!!!  It was a pretty Saturday, and Marin's cousins called and said they were headed to Tuscaloosa for the air show, so we decided to join them.  It was something fun and different.  She really didn't mind the loud noises too much.  She just held on tight and put her head down on my shoulder when it got really loud.  It was a fun day outside!
 Cousin time!  It was pretty hot outside!

 Marin had fun playing with her Uncle Robb!
 I think their favorite part may have been sharing snacks.

 We taught her to cover her ears if it got too loud!  Now she does this with every little noise.

She was talking about the airplanes the whole way back.

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