Thursday, March 15, 2012

Springing Forward!

There is nothing better than the first days of warm weather and springing forward.  That extra daylight is so nice!  We can actually play outside after dinner now!  During winter it seems like by the time Mark gets home the whole day is over.  Now we get to go for walks with him or just play outside or his favorite: on the front porch!  Marin has gotten to be quite the dare devil.  Her favorite thing lately is finding a hill and running down it completely out of control.  Of course, this new devil attitude is going to lead to more bumps, bruises, scrapes etc.  On this day she got her first skinned knee.  She wasn't too upset about it until she saw it.  Now every time she notices it, she tries to make a big deal out of it.  She's so dramatic about it and says "Boo boo knee" and then puts her head down on me like she's so pitiful.  It just makes me laugh.  Here are some pictures of us enjoying the warm weather and extra daylight!

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