Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trip to Knoxville

Marin and I went to Knoxville to visit for a few days. The trip there always seems so quick, but hopefully we'll go back soon. We got to visit my mom's new home. She had only been moved in for like 10 days and there were no boxes and it was decorated like she had been there for ten years... typical mom! She's definitely not a procrastinator at all! We had a nice time with everyone and Nana was so excited to show Marin off to all her friends.

This was my first road trip alone with Marin. It went pretty well for the most part. I did learn that she can't make it all the way there without a stop. We absolutely LOVE Chattanooga, so it's the perfect stopping point! We had a nice lunch together and played outside and looked around the city. She loves people watching! I really enjoyed our Mommy and Marin trip!

She loved playing in the fountains outside the aquarium.

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