Thursday, May 5, 2011


I think Easter might be my favorite holiday. The weather is always so pretty and I just love the pastel colors and sweet Easter dresses. It's always such a nice sign of spring after a dreary winter. We enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend in Montgomery. We went to the club at Baba's and Fly's house (we're working on Marin to come up with her own name for them) and saw the Easter bunny and watched a bunch of kids play! I thought Marin was going to scream with the Easter bunny, but she didn't mind him at all.
Wondering who/what is holding her
We had a nice cookout that night at the house. The next morning Marin made her first appearance in church. I wasn't sure how it was going to work out since we had to wake her up a little early from her morning nap (I don't like to interrupt nap time). Plus Marin is not a fan of loud noises or large crowds. She did GREAT!!! She loved listening to the music and looking around at everyone.

The Easter Bunny brought Marin her very own little chair for the front porch!

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