Monday, March 21, 2011

Beach Baby

If you know me or Mark at all, you know we tend to be last minute planners. So, we were enjoying the beautiful weather on the front porch last week and decided we just couldn't let Spring Break pass us by without a trip to the beach. We packed up the car with what felt like everything we own and took Marin on her first trip to Destin. I must say she was an absolute angel the whole trip and never once complained about being stuck in the car. The weather was just gorgeous, and the ocean water was the prettiest we have seen it in years. We enjoyed some nice dinners out and strolled around Baytown Wharf and Seaside at night.

Marin loved the beach, and she was just so precious in all her beach attire. She really enjoyed sitting on the beach and watching the waves and the seagulls. She never messed with her sunglasses or hat either. The water was freezing, but I had to stick her fit in just for a moment, which she did not appreciate. I'm sure it won't be long before we're back at the beach, but Marin will be totally different. It was nice not having to chase her around anywhere. I'm enjoying her immobility right now when we can just sit her down somewhere and she's content right where we put her. Spring Break 2011 was the best!!! I treasured every second spent with my baby girl!

She loved feeling the sand, and of course putting
it in her mouth!

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