Monday, February 21, 2011


We have had such beautiful weather lately. It has been a wonderful break in February. The neighborhood has come alive after hibernation! We have really enjoyed going on walks and hanging out at the park. Marin has had lots of fun swinging. It makes it really hard to go to work wishing I was at home playing with her outside.

Each new stage of Marin's life brings excitement and a little sadness knowing that she'll never be that tiny baby anymore. I get so sad putting away the clothes that she has outgrown. Marin has two little teeth coming in the bottom front, and I'm really going to miss that sweet toothless smile! She rolls over all the time now, and she can roll over both ways! She's getting pretty good at sitting up now too. Marin has gotten so much better at eating solids. She gobbles up her sweet potatoes. She tried peas for the first time yesterday, and she was not a fan. We'll keep working on those. I feel like she has really hit a growth spurt lately. She seems heavier and stronger to me. She's now taking 8 ounces in each bottle 5 times a day. That's a lot of milk!

My mom came and kept Marin for a few days, while we found a new nanny. She had so much fun with Marin and said it was hard leaving this time. So, our new nanny is so much better with Marin. She plays with her all day, and she even monogrammed her a few things already. She made a CD of children's music to play for Marin. It's much easier going to work knowing she's in good hands, even though I still wish I could be with her.

Sweet girl at 5 months
She loves swinging

She is so proud of herself now that she can sit up!

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