Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Road Trip

Marin went on her first out of state trip Saturday. Mark and I love to travel, so we are hoping Marin will be a good traveler too. We went to Chattanooga for a visit and it was a success. I was a little nervous how things would be traveling with a newborn, but she did great! I think she really had a good time. We love Chattanooga because the downtown is so easy to walk around. We had a good time just walking around shops and hanging out in Coolidge Park. That night we watched Auburn win another game at a fun restaurant/bar downtown. Marin was so well behaved the whole time. I think she enjoyed getting out of the house just as much as Mommy. I told Mark that this trip was just what the doctor ordered.. I needed a change of scenery! I think we're ready for a beach trip now!

She loves hotels just like Mommy
Blowing bubbles during the Auburn game
Watching a carousel
Enjoying the park
Daddy had fun showing Marin Chattanooga

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