Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Waiting

As you can see by the ticker and by the size of my belly, we are only days away from meeting this little one. We are more than ready to meet him/her. For weeks, the doctor has said... "could be any day now." Hearing that just makes the wait seem even longer. I have not made any progress in the last couple weeks, so it seems like Baby will probably arrive after the due date. I think we're as ready as we'll ever be. The nursery is complete, clothes are washed, bags are packed, and names are picked out! Everyone at school is shocked when they see me every morning... apparently I look huge and ready! I'm so thankful that I still feel great. I haven't had any swelling or stretch marks.

The other thing we have been anxiously anticipating has started... AUBURN FOOTBALL! We made it to the first game, and it was so fun just to be back in Auburn. Of course, I finally got my Amsterdam turkey wraps and sweet potato chips that I've been craving. Our offense was exciting to watch, and we are really looking forward to this season. I did have some contractions on the way home from the game. I didn't tell Mark, though, because I knew that panic would ensue. Sadly, this is the only picture that we got at the game.

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