Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Update

It has been way too long since my last blog entry... sorry! Baby seems to be doing great! I had my 15 week appointment today, and I was able to hear the heartbeat. At 12 weeks, the heartbeat was 162 bpm and today it was 153 bpm. I just love hearing that sound! I go back to the doctor in three weeks for the "big" ultrasound. We won't be finding out what we're having... we're just so happy to be having a baby we don't care what it is! I still can't wait to see what Baby looks like, though.

Most days I feel great except I've had a few migraines that have made me sick. I'm hungry all the time, which is taking some getting used to. My clothes options are getting limited, so I'm excited that spring seems to be here, which means loose, comfy dresses! Our house is still for sale, and we're not sure where we're moving next, so no I have not begun to get anything for the nursery. We don't want to set anything up and then have to move it all. But, I can't wait to get everything settled and organized.... soon hopefully! Here are some ultrasound pictures, but of course I'll have some better ones to share in a few weeks.

Baby at 9 weeks showing off some big feet.
He/she was moving around so quickly that it was difficult to get a clear picture.

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