Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Orange Beach

So much fun!
Family portrait
Cutie pie

Best friends

Our sweet friends, Cayce and Andrea, invited us to go down to Orange Beach with them for a weekend.  Even Bentley was invited!  We just love the beach!  I wish I could live there.  The weather was gorgeous, and of course no traffic since it's fall.  We took the dogs down to Fort Morgan to play, and Bentley had the best time!  He hasn't been to the beach since he was a puppy, so it was fun to watch him play in the sand and water.  We had a great time enjoying the beautiful weather and some fun football games.  

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Bobbie said...

Looks like you had perfect weather for your time at the beach! Wish we could have done out family time in Dentin this year too. Maybe next year. I can tell Bentley had a great time too, especially since he had a playmate!